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The Brookshire Veterans Group was established in March 2022 in order to:

“Establish a group for veterans from Brookshire to be able to serve our community and enjoy the comradery of other veterans.”

Our group consists of various committees to serve the community as follows*:

*founding members are listed. Updates will be provided from time to time.


    General overall planning and administration for the group.
                 Denny Johnson, (U. S. Army), Group Chair, 610 462-1023,


                 Members: Mike Stewart (USN), Jim May (USMC), John Laetz (USAF)


Establish and maintain a roster of Brookshire resident Veterans and create a memorial

                  to honor all former, current, and future resident veterans.
                  John Serechia, (USN), Chair

                 Members: Denny Johnson, Larry Landis (USMC), Bob Biggs (Army)


Provides information regarding proper flag flying and etiquette to the community. We

                 will gladly assist residents with mounting a flag.
                 Charles Rost, (USN), Chair

                 Members: Denny Johnson, John Laetz (USAF), John Eckman (Army)

Support Group

Sends out cards to servicemen and women and veteran's homes through the Red                                        Cross.
Mary Rost, (USNR), Chair
Members: Everyone in the Brookshire Community
VA Liaison

We have a designated representative to maintain contact with the Veterans

Bob Deery (USN), Chair


Maintain financial records and budget for the group.
Jim Reese (USN)



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